OUR BASE, FOR DOGSLEDDING IN QUEBEC, SNOWMOBILING IN QUEBEC, FOR EXPEDITIONS IN THE WILDERNESS, and MULTIACTIVITIES IN QUEBEC, is outside Girardville, in a French speaking region in northern Quebec, north of “Lac Saint Jean”. A lake ( often called the inner sea) with one part that is wider than the channel between Calais (France) and Dover (England). Our base is on an 80 hectare site (approx 200 acres) on the edge of the wilderness, at the gateway to the boreal forest, where the paved road ends! It is our starting point for our wilderness activities, that take us for our adventure further north in the forest.


We have the Bronze medal for ECO TOURISM  2014.  However, as the Gold and Silver went  to companies offering  cycling and mountain climbing, it means that we are the best in Quebec, for ECOTOURISM, for the activities that we offer



A RECEPTION BUILDING (where all the equipment is housed).

TWO CHALETS nestled in the heart of the forest, with 6 private bedrooms and 3 bathrooms in each.

A SAUNA and a PLACE TO RELAX and look at documentary films on wildlife and the culture of Quebec.

A RECONSTRUCTED AMERICAN INDIAN CAMP situated on the bank of a river, on a site previously used by the Innu (Montagnais) American Indians.

KENNELS FOR 70 DOGS: Malamutes and Siberian Huskies. Our different races allow us to tailor (customise) the dog teams to the profile of each participant. Our dogs are part of our team, affectionate and enthusiastic.They are sure to charm you !

A PARK FOR WOLVES, created to demystify and raise awareness of the wolf, an animal that fascinates us. It is the largest centre for the observation and the understanding of this animal in Quebec. It consists of large enclosures where you can observe arctic and gray wolves, and go into a building with materials and films about them.

HIKING TRAILS (10 km/6 miles) that connect different parts of the base, including the enclosures for the wolves. In several thematic loops, these trails allow you to discover the different eco systems comprising the boreal forest. They allow you to prolong your day by walking with snowshoes, or using a trottinette (snow scooter).


Away from the base, in the forest, there is a log cabin (Trappers' Camp) near a lake, that provides a welcome shelter.



Our expeditions include spending some nights in the forest, away from the bustle of modern life. The activities are offered on routes in the wilderness north of our base. In the area where we go, we do not encounter other organized groups. As we only have small groups, our family team is able to share with you an unforgettable experience, in a friendly atmosphere, with routes chosen according to the participants’ profiles.

                                                                                                                                                                                                  SECURITY. We  have satellite phones

The very small number of participants allows everyone to be in harmony with nature, and to experience the “living room of their dreams”. With us, each expedition, and each traveller is different and unique.


MEMBERS OF OUR PASSIONATE BILINGUAL TEAM will share their extensive knowledge of the North: life and survival in the wilderness, discovery and observations of animal tracks, the sky with aurora borealis, the culture of early inhabitants.


WE USE TRADITIONAL WAYS OF TRAVEL, such as dog sleds and snowshoes, to go into the heart of the forest, living with the rhythm of nature.


WE FOCUS on the discovery of the boreal forest with its frozen lakes and rivers, its flora (spruce, birch, fir, pine trees) and fauna (beaver, moose, wolf). If we are lucky we will see some of these animals.

DRIVING YOUR OWN TEAM OF DOGS and/or SNOWSHOEING and browsing the wilderness freely, with dogs to accompany you, a world awaits you: that of the mushers and their sled dogs.

RIDING A SNOWMOBILE in the wilderness, with our guides, who know it well, will also take you to wild and unusual places.

THROUGHOUT OUR ADVENTURER, YOU experience the sensations of the activities, while discovering the terrain. YOU sometimes meet the men who have left their mark over time: the original inhabitants, trappers, fur traders.

MEALS:Traditional Quebec cuisine results in gastronomic and dietetic meals, using local produce, that are prepared at the base. Whether they are cooked in the forest over a fire, or eaten in the evening at the base, home cooked meals based on Quebec’s specialties and local produce are all good times to share.


SNOWMOBILING: helmet, snowmobile suit, mittens, special boots for the cold weather
OTHER ACTIVITIES: special boots for the cold weather

PREQUISITE: It is not necessary to have prior experience, or to be very fit, to participate in one of our holidays. All that you need is a love of the outdoors.



We meet you in Quebec City, in the early afternoon,on a Sunday, and bring you back in a Minivan. The following Saturday ,we take you back to arrive, in the early afternoon, in Quebec City. 


* Price Reduction if you come come to our base,

If you do not want to take advantage of our shuttle service from and to Quebec City, and come directly to our base, there will be a reduction of $185.00 for each adult.There is a bus service from Montreal and Quebec to Albanel (the closest stop to our base-25 km) where we will pick you up, and take you back free.