In the far north, Monts Groulx, known as Uapashke (White Mountains) by the native Indians, located east of the Manicouagan Reservoir, north of the 51st parallel, is a vast area on the border of northern Quebec. It is one of the largest mountain ranges in Quebec with peaks covered with arctic tundra. Two of the highest peaks are Mont Veyrier at 1,104 metres (3,622 feet) and Mont Jauffret at 1,065 metres (3,494 feet)

The dogsledding expedition is in the heart of this massive, one of the wildest in Quebec. Away from civilisation in northeastern Quebec, the Groulx Mountains offer a remote wilderness experience. No roads, no development, the vast virgin territory is an extraordinary playground for people who seek the “great outdoors”. Lovers of dogs and snow covered landscapes can discover the plains, forests and frozen lakes, with their four-legged friends. It is an ideal opportunity to be immersed, and bask in the splendour of the natural beauty of the far north.

During the expedition, with complete autonomy, drivers and dogs form an interdependent team to explore this vast white expanse. Using a map and a compass to travel around the territory, going to where their desires and encounters with people and animals decide.

This expedition takes place in early spring to have the best ice conditions, and warmer temperatures. But the weather can change quickly and a wind on the ice might create difficult conditions. It is often necessary to open the trail on snowshoes, before the dogs can progress. Nights are spent in Nordic tents that must be erected each evening. These large round tents are heated by a wood burning stove, as temperatures at this time can still go well below zero.

The expedition is open to people who already have some experience of driving a dog sled, as it is not a holiday for learning how to handle a sled and its dogs. To get the most out of your stay, you need to know how to harness the dogs, drive a sled, and have experience of cold winter weather.
To ensure the success of this trip, it is therefore essential to have appropriate equipment, and a strong dose of good humor, and be prepared for an outdoor community life (when you have to accept some periods of rudimentary comfort).
Difficulties may arise from isolation, weather conditions that may change, camps to mount, and the challenges of complete outdoor living with others.





To get to the Monts Groulx we cross different regions of Quebec, which allows you to discover a little more of "la belle province".
Travel and exploration to discover a unique environment and biodiversity: In the same week we go from boreal forest to tundra.

We are a real team with the dogs, they are there to help us discover the territory.
Moving to the map and compass as there is no path.

It is a challenging expedition that may drain you emotionally and physically.

This expedition is not for the "faint hearted", but for those who would like a challenging adventure "away from it all".


SECURITY. We  have satellite phones.



DAY 1 Quebec City - Base
Quebec City, then north to our base passing through the Laurentian Park: first contact with the Canadian wilderness.
Our base, on 80 hectares along the river Ouasiemsca is the starting point of our activities, includes:
- A reception building where we find all the equipment and is the starting point of expeditions that take us further north in the forest

- A kennel of 70 dogs, malamutes, huskies, Canadian Eskimo. Our different races allow us to tailor the teams to profiles of each participant. Our dogs are part of our team, affectionate and enthusiastic.
- Accommodation: chalets nestled in the heart of the woods, with 6 private bedrooms and 3 bathrooms in each cabin, sauna available, relaxation area where you can also view documentaries on wildlife and cultural specificities of Quebec.


DAY 2 Base - Baie Comeau.
Preparation and checking of equipment. Loading the truck, taking each dog to its place in the trailer; a first contact with your partners for the expedition. When everything is in place we leave for Baie Comeau.
The adventure begins.

We cross Lac-St-Jean, and drive along the St. Lawrence River through beautiful scenery to reach the town of Baie Comeau. Sleep in a motel. However, before you can rest we must settle the dogs for the night.   


DAY 3 Baie Comeau - Monts Groulx.
Last transfer to reach the foot of the Monts Groulx
We pass huge constructions: the Manic reservoirs, including Manic 5 the largest dam of its kind. We gradually leave civilization for you to sink in the heart of Quebec's forests.
Installation of the first camp near the forest track and preparation of materials to be ready to start early the next morning.



An expedition driving a dogsled with nordic nights under tents.

The dogs are pleased and excited, as the sleds are loaded with the equipment and food, and they are harnessed ready to depart on the expedition. Everyone's involvement is really essential for the success of the trip. The sled is not driven on prepared trails. You often have to push, pull, and or straighten the sled and its load.
Two people per sled to alternate between driving, and walking ahead on rackets (snowshoes) to make a "trail" in difficult parts, or when the snow is too deep, or to set up camp.

6-8 dogs per sled, sufficient to be able to take the load, but not too many, because there is no path, and some passages cannot be negotiated with a longer team.

Most days, after a hearty breakfast, we must dismantle the camp, load the sleds, harness the dogs. We need to start early to get the best snow conditions.


All day we progress toward the heart of this immense territory. The goal is to drive to these summits covered with arctic tundra, or snow hardened by wind, that facilitates travel.

In the afternoon we have to choose the location of the new camp, pack the snow to be able to pitch the tent, and settle the dogs. We must also cut firewood, fetch water,etc

It takes time, and is part of life during the expedition.

In the evening, we are all together under the Nordic tent, enjoying the warmth of the wood burning stove. It is the time to relive the highlights of the day and prepare for the next day's route.


DAY 11 Monts Groulx - Baie Comeau.
After a final night in the Groulx Mountains, we return to civilization in Baie Comeau.
Sleep the night in a motel as we did earlier

DAY 12 Baie Comeau - Base
Back at our Base in the afternoon: dogs return to their kennels. Sleep the last night in a chalet in the forest. This is an opportunity to take a sauna, go to see the wolves,or just relax.

DAY 13 After breakfast. Transfer to Quebec.


PRICE: According to demand and size of group

Please contact us for more information   

* Reduction if you come come to our base,

If you do not want to take advantage of our shuttle service from and to Quebec City, and come  directly to our base, there will be a reduction of $175.00.There is a bus service from Montreal and Quebec to Albanel (the closest stop to our base-25 km) where we will pick you up, and take you back free.


The price includes:

- Transfers from and to Quebec city and our Base.
- Supervision by a professional musher guide.
- The sled and dogs.
- Accommodation, chalet, motel, tent.
- Meals Day 2 morning to Day 13 morning

- Rackets for walking on the snow.
- Boots for the cold weather.

The price does not include:
- Meals during transfers Quebec - Base (Day 1 evening) and Base - Quebec (Day 13 noon).
- Alcoholic beverages.

DATES: April 2020